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Miranda - the school's theatre instructor of drama 101 - has given these six seniors - a second chance to come back, do their acting scene and hopefully pass. Mr Faulk- The schools associate dean is asked to spend his Saturday to oversee the exam as a proctor. He considers this class a waste of time and views Miranda's teaching methods, opening up these kids, will result with certain consequences she is not trained for. These students, relative strangers to each other, for all intent purposes / have chosen this "elective class" because they thought it would be an easy A - Unbeknownst to them what lie head. The kids have been asked to create characters, of their choice and bring their own personal experiences, emotions and motivations to create an improvisational scene. Miranda pairs them up and puts them to the task to work through their differences, prejudices, and hidden fears. They are challenged by Miranda to break through their walls and establish truth within the improvisational scenes and with their partners. Truths they are unprepared to deal with emotionally. Miranda- working through her own issues has more in common with these kids then she realizes - is now challenged and pushed to a breakthrough as well. By the end of the day, they find their own values and betrayals and loves within themselves and their classmates, and grow to realize more and more that no matter how the teachers, parents or, for that matter, society views them - what counts is how they view themselves.

The Class 2022

September 11, 2022

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