Story :-

After being rescued from Noman by her husband Sameer Chaudhary.Nargis has still not overcome the trauma of being raped in the unknown land.Nargis frequently changes her jobs as she feels people are sympathizing her which reminds her of the trauma and leads her to depression for which she is on meditation.Sameer asks the doctor for an advice that if they go for a child it might help Nargis overcome her depression but doctor does not not agree as she is on high meditation.Sameer's friend Deepak looses his brother and wife while their daughter Nandini is left in his care, as Deepak frequently travels for work purpose Sameer decides to take Nandini home to overcome Nargi's depression.Nargis isn't happy with arrival of Nandini and tells Sameer she cant take care of her but soon Nandini and Nargis develop a bond and they decide to adopt Nandini.Sameer and Nargis adopt Nandini and are living happily until one day Nandini along with her schoolmate Seema is kidnapped by Bacchu Thakur a brat who has one sided love for Seema.Sameer decides to take help of cops which proves of no use as Bacchu is grandson of powerful figure Sheela Thakur,Sameer and Seema's brother Saaharsh decide to investigate themselves and find that Nandini and Seema both are being brutally raped by Bacchu and his friends and left in fields to die sadly Nandini looses her life and there is no progress in the case due to Thakur's powerful connections. Sameer decides to take matters in his hands but lands up in jail.